How Your Pet Can Help You Identify Toxic Mold

Moisture caused by flooding, humidity, or a slow leak within your home can contribute to mold growth. When mold begins growing in your home, it can wreak havoc on the health of your family. Identifying mold growth can be challenging, but your pet can help you determine if mold is becoming a problem within your home. Here are three signs to watch for in your pet when trying to determine if you need to contact a mold remediation specialist to treat your home in the future.

How Professionals Remediate Mold From Your Home

Mold can appear in several areas in your home. Anywhere there's a faucet and any area where there's been a leak could be a problem area where mold may be spreading. Like many allergens, mold floats through the air in most places, but when it's allowed to habitate and spread, it can be dangerous. Not only does mold cause allergies and other health concers, it can damage the fabric of your floors and walls.

Five Steps To Take Before Repairing Flood Damage In Your Home

When your home has been flooded by heavy rains or a similar natural disaster, your first instinct might be to wade inside and start bailing water. But if you are going to save your home and restore it without being ruined financially, you will need to act quickly and effectively to minimize the damage while also protecting yourself and your family. As the waters recede, follow these five steps before you begin repairs to save as much of your structure and furniture as possible.

3 Things To Remember When Repairing Or Restoring A Plane

There is perhaps no better feeling than being able to fly your very own plane. Flying is something that almost everyone dreams of doing, and with a personal plane, the dream of flight can become a reality. Unfortunately, buying a brand new plane can be out of the price range of people. The old adage of, "if there is a while there is a way" comes to mind. One of the best ways to make your dream of flying a reality is by purchasing a plane to restore.

Finding And Repairing Leaky Basement Issues

Have you recently noticed water in your basement? Whether it seems to be coursing in or slowly seeping in, too much moisture can lead to mold, mildew, or a weakened foundation. There are many causes of a leaking basement, and fortunately most can be remedied with some simple changes. The following can help you determine and correct the cause of your basement leak. Issue: Poor Guttering Badly installed gutters, or the lack of gutters completely, can cause rain to drain off the roof and flood the basement.