Restoring An Old Home? 3 Roofing Options To Consider

Restoring an old home can be a major project. It also means striking a balance between new technology and maintaining the home's original architecture. Many homeowners want their home to keep its style but also want the conveniences and energy savings that modern building techniques offer. Roofing must be considered carefully when restoring an old home. A modern roof may look out of place on an older home. However, it's also important to remember that the roof plays a big role in making a home energy efficient. Striking a balance between appearance and functionality can be a challenge. Here are three options to consider. 

Traditional Materials

While modern roofing materials offer plenty of advantages, when it comes to maintaining the look of an old home traditional roofing materials may be the right choice. Materials such as slate, tile, metal, and even copper are often found on the roofs of old homes. What homeowners should know is that these materials can be pricey. Copper roofing costs on average $25,500 to $39,600 while a slate roof will run between $11,900 to $18,900 for a 2,000 square foot home. For homeowners who want the traditional look without the high price tag, there are simulated versions of many traditional materials that are less pricey.

New Underlying Structure

Over time the roof of an old home may have been replaced more than once. There may have also been changes to the underlying structure that must be dealt with. Figuring out what type of roof the home originally had and whether or not the underlying structure is secure is a must. When re-roofing an old home, having a professional evaluation of the roof's structure is a must. Often not only the roof needs to be replaced but the underlying structure as well.

Solar Panels

Another thing to consider adding when restoring an old home are solar panels. Adding solar panels may not be an obvious choice when adding a new roof to an old home, but they do offer big energy savings. Today's solar panels are sleeker and less obvious than ever and can be added in places that aren't obvious from the curb. It costs on average between $12,908 and $27,645 to add solar panels. However, the cost is typically recouped in the form of energy savings within a few years.

Adding new roofing to an old home can be tricky. Homeowners who want to maintain the style of their old home should consider traditional roofing materials. Making sure the underlying structure is secure is also a must. Solar panels can also be a great addition to an older home's roof. For more information, contact companies like Berkeley Exteriors.