Finding And Repairing Leaky Basement Issues

Have you recently noticed water in your basement? Whether it seems to be coursing in or slowly seeping in, too much moisture can lead to mold, mildew, or a weakened foundation. There are many causes of a leaking basement, and fortunately most can be remedied with some simple changes. The following can help you determine and correct the cause of your basement leak.

Issue: Poor Guttering

Badly installed gutters, or the lack of gutters completely, can cause rain to drain off the roof and flood the basement. This is likely the cause if your leak tends to occur only during and immediately following a rain storm or heavy snow melt. You can remedy this by installing gutters and downspouts that route water away from the home by at least several feet. You can also route the downspouts into an underground drain if you want to ensure the water isn't flowing anywhere near your basement.

Issue: Bad Grading

The ground around your home should slope away from your basement, not towards it. If the yard was graded poorly so it slopes toward your home, or if your home sits at the base of a hill, all the water and moisture in the ground is going to flow downhill toward your basement. Your options are to either have the yard regraded away from the house, or to install a drain system around the perimeter of your basement to capture the water and route it away before it can leak into your basement.

Issue: High Water Table

Basements that tend to seep moisture are generally in an area with a high amount of ground moisture or a high water table. Installing an underground drain system around the exterior of your home can help route this water away. If it persists, you may need to consider full basement waterproofing. You can have exterior waterproofing membranes installed at the same time the ground is excavated around the home for the drain installation. Or, you can have an interior membrane installed without having to dig up the yard around the house.

Issue: Construction Problems

Leaks sometimes occur because of cracks in the basement walls or leaks around basement windows. These are easy to recognize because you can spot where the water is coming through the leaks. Stopping the moisture leak begins with repairing the crack or installing new weather seals around the window. If there are several leaking cracks in the basement, you can also have the interior walls waterproofed to help prevent new leaks or cracks from occurring after the first ones are repaired.