How To Repair Rips And Holes In Your Window Screens Caused By Your Pets

If you have pets, there's a good chance that sooner or later one of them will scratch a hole in your window screens. A rip in your screen is not only unattractive, it lets in dangerous mosquitoes. Therefore, you probably want to repair the damage as soon as you can. Here are some things you can try.

Easy Repairs

An easy way to repair a rip in your screen is to put tape over it. You can even buy screen tape that looks just like window screen and goes on like tape. The drawback to tape is that it can come loose eventually. Rain, humidity, and further scratching by your pet can cause the tape to get loose enough to allow mosquitoes and other bugs to slip through. Plus, the tape will be visible, even if you use clear tape, so it might not be a good option for screens that face the street or on windows that guests will see.

Another easy way to repair your screen is with magnets. Get two magnets of identical shape and size and place one on each side of the screen so the hole is covered. Magnets work best on small rips and holes. You can buy magnets made for this purpose that come in cute shapes like butterflies, so they look attractive on your window.

More Difficult Repairs

You can also buy a screen repair kit from a home improvement store and use that to fix your screen. These are small wire patches that you affix by poking the wires through your screen and then you bend the wires onto the screen to hold the patch in place. You'll need to remove the screen frame from the window to use one of these patches, or you'll need a helper on the outside of the window. These traditional screen repair patches are difficult to attach and they are easy to spot once they are in place, so they detract from the appearance of your windows.

The other option for repairing your screen is to replace the screen entirely. You'll probably have to do this if the rip is large. However, you may opt to replace the screen if you don't want a patch or tape to be visible on your windows. You can buy a screen replacement kit that contains screen fabric you cut to size for your window. The kit also contains spline for holding the screen in place and a roller for applying the spline.

Replacing the screen is a simple procedure, but it can be tricky if you're not used to repairing things. First you have to pull out the old spline and screen. Then you cut the new screen to size and attach it to the frame by pressing spline into the frame groove with the spline roller. The tricky part is making sure the screen is pulled tight and it is straight. Otherwise, the screen will have sags and wrinkles if it is too loose.

If you have several screens that have been ripped by your pets, you may want to hire a screen repair service to get your screens back in shape. You can probably find a mobile repair service in your city, or you can take your screens to the shop to have them fixed. One advantage of letting a professional change your screens is the wide range of screen types he or she will have on hand. Since you have pets, you may want to have pet resistant screens put on so it will be much more difficult for rips and holes to form when your pets scratch excitedly at the windows. Contact a business, such as Northridge Screen, for more information.