Three Reasons Why Your Subzero Refrigerator May Not Be Keeping A Constant Temperature

Subzero refrigerators are designed to not only be beautiful to look at, but also very useful due to their spacious interiors, ample shelving, and very accurate temperature settings. If you notice that your refrigerator is not keeping staying as cool as you would like it too or the motor seems to be running nonstop in order for it to maintain a temperature, there is something wrong with the refrigerator.

Use the following guide to learn about three possible issues that could be causing the problem:

Damaged Door Seal

There is a seal around the edge of the doors on the refrigerator that are designed to create a tight seal between the refrigerator and the door. If the seals are damaged in any way, air will be able to get out of the fridge making it harder for the refrigerator to maintain the temperature set on the temperature gauge.

In order to remedy the problem, a technician will need to remove the entire seal from the door and replace it with a new seal.

Broken Thermostat

There is a temperature gauge called a thermostat built into the fridge that you can use to set the temperature in the refrigerator. If the gauge is not working properly, the fridge will not be able to maintain the temperature you want it to maintain.

The technician will first test the thermostat to see if it is working properly. If it is not, the technician can check to see if there are any loose connections. If there are not any, the thermostat will be replaced and the fridge should then be able to start maintaining the proper temperature again.

Lights Always On

When you close the door to your refrigerator, the lights inside of it are supposed to turn off. If the lights stay on when the door shuts, the compressor inside of the fridge will work overtime to keep the lights on constantly.

This can cause the motor to the fridge to overheat and thus not be able to maintain the proper temperature. The technician will be able to replace the light switch inside of the fridge so that the light will go out when the door closes, thus allowing the compressor to start working properly again.

All of these issues are easy for a trained technician to fix. When you call the repair company, let them know what issues you are seeing so that they can send the technician with the right tools and parts he or she may need to do the repair. Each make and model of refrigerator will require different parts. For more help or information, try contacting sub zero repair refrigerator professionals for help.