2 Creative Repurposed Coffee Table Ideas

If you are not just looking for a run of the mill coffee table for your house, you should check out these creative repurposed coffee table ideas. All of these ideas take older items, fix them up, and turn them into coffee tables. You can try making one of these tables yourself, or hiring someone to create it for you.

Old Wooden Soda Crates

If you collect old wooden soda crates, or have at least two to four crates, you can turn them into a table.

Stain or repaint an old wooden coffee table. Then, take the old wooden soda crates and attach them to the top of the coffee table using small nails or screws with the open side facing up. Once the soda crates are secure, the wooden crates will create shadow boxes that you can fill up with items to match your home and décor.

For example, if you have a nautical theme going on, you can fill the shadow boxes with your seashell collection. Or, if you have a sports theme going on, you can fill the shadow boxes up with sports memorabilia. Use items you have around your house for inspiration.

Finally, once you have filled up the shadow boxes, lay a sheet of tempered glass over the top. The glass should extend a couple of inches past the shadow box soda crates for maximum stability.

With a few supplies, you will have a custom table that reflects your interests.

Pinball Table

If you have always loved old pinball games, here is a great way to repurpose one.

First, you will need to track down and purchase an old pinball game if you do not already have one. The, you care going to want to dust it off and clean it up. Many old pinball games were encased in wood. If the wood is not in good shape, you need to sand it and restain it. If it is in good shape, move on to the next step.

Next, you need to find legs you would like to attach to the pinball machine. You can purchase some ornate table legs, or you can keep it simple with some square table legs. The key is to find legs that fit in with the style of your room and that are the right height.

Once you locate the legs you want to use, you just need to attach them to the backside of the pinball machine. If the pinball machine does not have class over the top, you may want to add a sheet of tempered glass to the top.

There is no reason that your coffee table has to be some boring, generic piece of furniture. Use one of the ideas above, or one of your own ideas, to create a unique piece for your home. If you are not that handy, talk to a local repair and restoration shop about turning your idea for a one of a kind coffee table into a reality.